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    Is Self-Sufficiency Just a Fad?

    Late last year, a friend asked me if I thought that the push to a more self-sufficient lifestyle, spurred by the onset of a global pandemic, was just a fad. That once things returned to “normal”, would people give away their chickens and turn their gardens back into grass. This, of course, came on the heels of a seed shortage and a time where it became harder to source chickens for their property. Oh – and let’s not forget the perceived shortage of goods supplied to us via the industrial food supply chain. My answer? I hope not. Every time there is some sort of crisis, there is an urge…

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    Our Homestead has a Name

    And a logo! Robb and I always wanted our homestead to have a name. We wanted it to have an identity. We wanted it to mean something, turn it into something particularly marketable (since I was selling my small-batch herbal products before we moved under a different name, a name that still just didn’t sound right). I’ve sold at many a farmer’s market and hope to be able to find a niche here as well. So we thought. And we thought. And we thought. Then it popped into Robb’s head. Initially, we were going to name the property after one of the two creeks that ran through it. But neither…

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    Our Dream of Building a Homestead

    My partner, Robb, and I met almost 7 years ago in a way that seems foreign to most people in this technology-driven society; via blind date. He hunted land owned by my neighbor. Knowing that we were both single, my neighbor and his wife invited us over for dinner one evening. Neither of us wanted to go. Both of us considered canceling. That evening, I arrived first. Robb arrived shortly thereafter, with a jar of salsa he had made himself using tomatoes he had grown. I was smitten. Though our hosts dominated the conversation and we barely had the opportunity to talk, Robb offered to drive me home (across the…

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    Putting Your Garden to Rest During Winter

    As the days cool and winter draws near, I like to put my garden to rest. Of course, we grow some kale here and there and usually our garlic is planted in October, but I use December/January/February to really take a step back from gardening. As much as I love gardening, it’s nice to have a respite from it, though I typically use that time daydreaming and planning the next garden. We start the process of putting our garden to rest by removing any diseased or mildewed plants. We take extra precautions by burning any diseased material. We’ll pull up any dead plant material (like tomatoes or cucumber vines) after…

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    Our TTC Journey: SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit

    When you are trying to conceive, timing is everything. For those who have been having some issues conceiving (like myself), it’s extra important to know when your best days for conception are. I recently had the opportunity to try the SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit as part of our trying to conception. I wanted to share with you a little about my experience with this product. Please note that I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links. About the SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit So the SmileReader aims to be…