about orchard creek homestead:

Born and raised off the coast of North Carolina, I grew up enjoying all of the fresh, seasonal bounty that the area had to offer – flounder, strawberries, peaches, cabbage, new potatoes, mattamusket onions, drum – the options were endless. Even the prepared dishes were unique to our area – salted herring, real eastern NC BBQ…

The best part was that the majority of the food that I ate was harvested no more than 12 hours before I consumed it.

Heaven, right?

So for almost 33 years (excluding a brief few years of life in Raleigh for college), that how my relationship with food was – local and seasonal.

Then in early 2021 – my partner and I made the decision to move our family across the state to the mountains of North Carolina.

I’m excited to start exploring all the local and seasonal goodies available to us – things like ramps, pawpaws, molasses, the options are endless. Living in the Appalachian region had opened the doors to a whole new set of unique culinary delights.

And I want to share those with you.

This website will not only feature our journey as we develop our new homestead, but recipes and advice on foraging some of those harder-to-source foods.


about us:

As a doula and herbalist, I’ve always been a lifelong lover of food. My partner and I are currently building our 6-acre homestead in the foothills of North Carolina, along with our 3-year old son (and another baby on the way).

When we aren’t busy planting or planning, we are exploring this area’s beautiful natural resources.


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