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    Our 5 Favorite Toddler/Preschool Gardening Books

    I have a book addiction. It started when I was just a child myself – we had a spare bedroom at our house with built-in bookshelves and I made it almost a mission to fill them. When a used bookstore opened locally, the children’s section was well stocked thanks to me. I want to make sure that my son enjoys reading. While he doesn’t necessarily have as much of a love for reading as I do, I want to make sure that he does find pleasure in having a book in his hands. So we make it a point to read at least one book every day. I like to…

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    Our TTC Journey (for baby no. 2)

    When you are trying to conceive, it’s always disappointing when you start you period. Especially if you are feeling pregnant or are so certain that this cycle was your cycle. It’s funny, I never really dreaded the onset of my menstrual cycle until recently. We got pregnant with Caleb by chance. We weren’t trying, we weren’t not trying, it just happened. It was perfectly timed, honestly, and we were ready for it. But we want to expand our family and it is either now or never for us. We are both getting older and if we are going to have a second child, we want them to be somewhat close…

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    Celebrating the Coming of Spring (with a Toddler)

    What a weird past month it’s been. We’ve gone from watching news about the coronavirus’ impact in other countries to seeing its impact firsthand. We are in quarantine mode – no gatherings larger than 10, restaurants are take-out/drive-thru only, teleworking, etc. Which means no group celebrations for the spring equinox. We actually just received notification of the cancellation of an Easter Egg Hunt our friend was planning for next Sunday. Bummer. But just because you can’t leave the house doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the coming of spring. Here are a few easy ways to rejoice in spring’s arrival when you have a toddler at home. This is the time…

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    Trick-Or-Treat With Us + Sensory Activity

    This was Caleb’s first time trick-or-treating. Even though he was walking last year, I just had him stay with me and pass out candy. This year was quite the adventure for him though! When he went to his first two houses, he was quite skeptical. But by the time he hit his third house, he had figured out what was going on and loved it! Running around going “More houses, more candy!” By the end of the night, he was running from house to house dragging Robb. Check out this video for more fun:

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    The Teal Pumpkin Project®

    We are a teal pumpkin family. The Teal Pumpkin Project is about “raising awareness of food allergies through the addition of non-food trinkets and toys to your treats, making Halloween safer and more inclusive for all trick or treaters.” We’re fortunate that none of us, Caleb included, have any known allergies at this time. But several of Caleb’s friends have allergies or intolerances toward certain foods. We became a teal pumpkin family even before Caleb was born. I love Halloween but dreaded the thought of my future child having all that sugary candy. In looking for alternatives, I stumbled upon the Teal Pumpkin Project and instantly thought that the idea…