Celebrating May Day with a Toddler

It’s the first day of May. Also known as Beltane in the Celtic calendar, this marks the halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. Beltane celebrates the beauty of the life that is blossoming around us. This day is about sexuality and sensuality, passion, joy and conception. This is a day for lovemaking and for unions. This is a day ripe for making a commitment to your partner.

Not sounding quite so family-friendly, does it?

But wait! There are things that you can do with your little one to celebrate this day.

Prepare a May basket. Fill a basket with flowers and goodies and then give it to someone in need of healing and caring, such as an elderly friend or a new mom. Depending on your child’s age, let them help you in the kitchen making something for the basket or let them gather flowers from nature. You can even let them be the one to sneak the basket onto the recipient’s porch!

Make a flower crown. Many of my favorite flowers are still in bloom right now – dandelions, daisies, etc. Have your little one help you pick flowers and sit down to create a flower crown with them. There are so many tutorials out there on making one – especially elaborate ones – but you can go simple.

Make ribbon wands. My son loves it when I tie one of his scarves from Sarah’s Silks onto a cardboard pole. He loves to run around with it. Make a ribbon wand for your little one. It can be made using pretty much anything you have around the house – a scarf and a stick. A piece of ribbon and a wooden kitchen spoon.

Build a fire. This is a tough one when you have a young child running around. Beltane itself is known for being a fire festival and the fire represents the sun’s growing strength, but I have this vision of my son wiggling out of my arms right into the fire. Sparklers may be a safer alternative but use your discretion.

Paint a flower pot. Have your child paint a flower pot and then work together to plant something in it. This is a great activity for any age and I know that my son as least loves the opportunity to paint and get messy!

Now, you may have seen that I’ve left out one of the biggest ways to celebrate May Day – the May Pole. That’s a great – fun – way to incorporate your children in this holiday, but I wanted to share some ideas with you that are a little bit different! I can’t wait to be able to take Caleb to dance around a May Pole when he’s a little older.

How do you celebrate the first day of May?