Celebrating the Coming of Spring (with a Toddler)

What a weird past month it’s been. We’ve gone from watching news about the coronavirus’ impact in other countries to seeing its impact firsthand. We are in quarantine mode – no gatherings larger than 10, restaurants are take-out/drive-thru only, teleworking, etc.

Which means no group celebrations for the spring equinox. We actually just received notification of the cancellation of an Easter Egg Hunt our friend was planning for next Sunday.


But just because you can’t leave the house doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the coming of spring.

Here are a few easy ways to rejoice in spring’s arrival when you have a toddler at home.

This is the time of the year where the earth springs back into life – though if you’ve had a mild winter like the one we had this year, you might already have seen the blossoming of flowers. If you haven’t already, start some seeds. You can even use materials around your home to make a little greenhouse for your seeds – soda bottles, plastic milk jugs, deep dishes covered in saran wrap. If you are like us and try not to use plastics, then go ask a neighbor! Now is a good time to make that connection with others around you.

Take a walk in your neighborhood (or even your own backyard) with your toddler. Try to notice and explain the differences in the changing of the seasons from winter to spring. Ask you little one what they see. Use this as a time to really connect with nature.

Since we are all so isolated from one another right now, help your child send spring cards to their friends. Your child can draw their friends a picture, add in a couple of seeds so they can do their own planting, and mail it off. Even better, maybe your child’s friend can open their card via Skype or Hangouts so your child can see their friend!

Another great idea – one that you will probably have plenty of materials for around your home – is to find some sort of spring craft. Look on Pinterest for some great ideas like the ones below.

I personally love this super simple idea for egg carton flowers!

And this windsock looks really fun!

If you want to try out either of those activities at home – click on the image! I’d love to hear how you are planning on celebrating spring!

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