Garden Update for 5/12/2019

I used to do updates on my garden for the blog on a regular basis. But of course, life happens. Our garden struggled the past few years due to the weather, me being pregnant (then having a young one), and Robb being out of town for most of the growing season.

But since things have “settled” down, I wanted to bring back my garden updates with a goal of posting every two weeks. These posts are going to be relatively photo-heavy and I’m not planning on editing the photos so that I will be more motivated to actually post it!

Let’s get started with the 5/12/2019 garden update!

One of my main goals for this year is to bring in a lot more wild birds. That has involved adding in an additional hummingbird feeder, two more bird houses, and a finch feeder. The finch feeder is at the perfect height right now for birds and curious little boys.

Here’s an overview of our garden. We have converted two previously existing areas into a smaller herb garden for myself and a play area for Caleb. Most items in the garden are labeled with the variety, which I’ll share more in another post, though Robb mixed together a bunch of root vegetable seeds for one row and doesn’t recall what seeds he used!

This is a Japanese eggplant – one of my favorite varieties to grow (and the tastiest in my mind).

Cucumbers! I love watching the little cucumbers grow and form. Cucumbers used to be one of Caleb’s favorite snacks and I can’t wait to feed him ones fresh from the garden.

This is part of my herb garden – basil and cilantro started from seeds. I’m still working on getting my area set up like how I envision but it’s getting there. The pots in here to make things a little easier to manage and organize. Plus, if we move within the next few years, we can take some of these potted plants/trees with us.

Since Caleb loves blueberries so much, I added in an additional blueberry plant which is doing fantastic! The plant itself is on the smaller side but I think we’ll get a handful of berries from it this year.

Another food that Caleb has discovered he enjoys (most of the time) is strawberries. He’s had two red ones off of these plants and then he’s picked a few green ones. He’s eaten the green ones though and seem to enjoy them just as much!

I’d love to hear about your garden! Make sure to keep an eye out on my YouTube Channel for a virtual tour of our backyard coming up in the next month or so!