Orchard Creek Homestead

Our Homestead has a Name

And a logo!

Robb and I always wanted our homestead to have a name. We wanted it to have an identity. We wanted it to mean something, turn it into something particularly marketable (since I was selling my small-batch herbal products before we moved under a different name, a name that still just didn’t sound right). I’ve sold at many a farmer’s market and hope to be able to find a niche here as well.

So we thought.

And we thought.

And we thought.

Then it popped into Robb’s head.

Initially, we were going to name the property after one of the two creeks that ran through it. But neither creek had a name, even after we look back through several decades worth of topography and GIS maps. Sure, the two creeks led into another creek, way down the mountain, but the creek that it led into didn’t strike our fancy. Our two creeks just happened to pop up from an unnamed spring further up the mountain.

So we decided to name our creeks ourselves.

That’s when the name “Orchard Creek” popped into Robb’s head. There’s a nearby golf course with the name “Orchard” and since we do plan to increase the number of fruit-producing plants on the property greatly (from about 5 to about 15… maybe 20), “Orchard Creek” seemed to be a good fit.

And I’m sold!

So we are no longer “The Hippie and the Hunter” – the name of my original blog (back when it was just Robb and I). Instead, together as a family, we are now “Orchard Creek Homestead”.

I hope you enjoy watching our journey.