Our TTC Journey: Mira Fertility Tracker

When I first stumbled upon the Mira Fertility Tracker back in March, I made it a point to read the reviews. A lot of reviews, since it wasn’t exactly cheap (about $199 to start, then you have to buy the wands every month or so).

Basically the Mira measures actual Luteinizing Hormone concentrations and automatically connects to the Mira app to keep track of the data. It’s pretty simple – you pee on the stick, insert it into the device, and the device analyzes it. It’s advertised as a way to help you get pregnant faster by providing accurate and personalized cycle tracking.

For the first 3 months, I tried it religiously. Then after that, I only tested around my anticipated fertile times (the Mira app gives you recommended days to test in order to get an accurate prediction of your fertile dates).

Then I stopped using it altogether about two months ago in favor of these Ovulation Test Strips from Pregmate.


It just wasn’t for me.

I had some issues using the Mira. Sometimes the device wouldn’t connect to the app so the data wouldn’t transfer over. Sometimes, the test wands wouldn’t work at all for me – and there is nothing more frustrating than wasting a test wands during what you think is your ovulation time and not being able to accurately capture the data.

The interface was easy to use, when it worked, but honestly, the Mira just was too high-tech for me. I like being able to physically chart my data. I like the almost fail-safe visual confirmation of lines on an OPK test strip. I could never get the app to work right on my phone (I used my iPad) which meant that I never got the testing notifications until later in the day when I opened my iPad.

I simply would just forget to use it.

But that’s just me. The company is taking a lot of steps to upgrade the product and really listening to consumer feedback. I love it when a company is actually present and reactive to the feedback provided by the audience.

Does it work? I don’t know. Just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it will not work for you and your situation.

Is it worth a shot? It depends on how much you want to invest in your future. But since we are not planning to visit a doctor regarding our fertility, it doesn’t help to try non-medical approaches like these (at least in my mind).

If you want to try Mira, use this link to get a $20 discount off of your order!