SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit

Our TTC Journey: SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit

When you are trying to conceive, timing is everything. For those who have been having some issues conceiving (like myself), it’s extra important to know when your best days for conception are. I recently had the opportunity to try the SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit as part of our trying to conception. I wanted to share with you a little about my experience with this product.

SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit

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About the SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit

So the SmileReader aims to be a strong supporter during the process of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. The SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit includes ovulation and pregnancy test strips and can be used together with the SmileReader app to aid you with conception. The test strips are easy to use and over 99% accurate. When tracking your ovulation you are trying to track the amount of Luteinizing Hormone in your blood, or LH level. When you see your hormones starting to surge, it’s an indicator that ovulation is near.

SmileReader Ovulation Kits are available in various quantities. It typically retails for: $3.49 for the 5 LH + 1 HCG kit, $11.89 for the 30 LH + 10 HCG kit, and $13.98 for the 50 LH + 20 HCG kit.

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Does it work?

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this. After trying another product recently for detecting ovulation with nothing more than just a bunch of wasted test strips and frustration, I wasn’t quite sure about this one. It seemed like just another app to download that wouldn’t work half the time with the test strips.

I was wrong.

The SmileReader kit was so super easy to use and the app was a breeze. I found the interface of the app to user friendly, as was the testing process itself. Once you pee on the test strips, you take a picture of it with your smartphone and upload it to the app. The app then analyzes the information. It doesn’t make you click a million different buttons to figure out your results. Instead, it pops up with a smiling baby image to alert you to your most fertile days.

SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit
SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit

I can usually tell when my body is ovulating. This comes from years of listening to my body. I consider myself to be highly intuned with the needs and rhythms of my body. The results on these test strips accurately reflected when I felt that I was ovulating. It’s nice to have that sort of confirmation.

The best thing about using the Smilereader kit for conception is that no matter what size you purchase – they are going to include a test (or several) to measure your HCG levels as well. Meaning it includes a pregnancy test basically.

It’ll be interesting to see if I am able to actually conceive a second child using ovulation predictors. I’m hopeful that this will help our family grow a little bit bigger.

To find out if it’s help me or not, you’ll just have to keep following my blog, dear reader!