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Preparing Poblano Peppers for the Freezer

It’s been a bad year for peppers at the homestead. Our shishito peppers produced well, though the plant never grew very big and we weren’t quite sure what to do with the peppers. The fruit of our bell pepper plants couldn’t survive the onslaught of a toddler who discovered he enjoyed the taste of fresh peppers. Our jalapeno plant (and this one hurts my little green thumb the most) broke at the main stem just as it started flourishing.

Like I said, it’s been a bad year for peppers. Unless you are a poblano.

Our poblano plant, which I started from seed, has been a rockstar this year. It’s absolutely huge and FILLED with peppers ready to be harvested. I decided that I wanted to freeze my peppers (poblano peppers go great with winter squash and bring a subtle heat that is much appreciated on a cold winter day).

My way of freezing peppers is super simple. It has to be or else it would never get done.

I start by placing all my peppers on a sheet tray and placing them under the broiler for 5-10 minutes, flipping them about halfway to receive as even of a charred surface as possible.

Removing them from the oven, I let them cool before placing the whole tray into the freezer. I freeze everything in this manner so that they don’t clump together.

Once frozen, I place them into my storage containers/bags.

When it’s time for me to use one (or five), I remove it from my container and run it under warm water. This softens the pepper which allows the charred skin to (usually) slide right off!

I’d love to hear what sort of recipes you use poblano peppers in.