You Don’t Have To Do It All

I see it often. A drive, especially among homesteaders or those wanting to move toward a simpler life, to want to do it all and to want to do it all at once. They move to their homestead, not really knowing how to do anything, but just having this drive to become more self-reliant. They want to have chickens, they want to learn how to bake bread, they want dairy cows…

So they go for it all at once. And it all falls apart.

I can understand that ache, that hunger, to want everything and want it right then. The waiting seems torturous.

But it has to happen.

You have to wait sometimes. Instead of getting everything all at once, take your time with it. Get your chickens. Learn about different breeds, different types of food, how to best keep them secured and protected. Become a good chicken tender (I love saying that) and THEN move on to something else.

So many of us get distracted when we try to do too many things at once. Things get neglected, lessons get learned the hard way, and we really don’t ever get a grasp on anything.

Now there are some of you out there that are not like this, I’m sure. You can juggle learning a bunch of new things all at once and be successful. And that’s great!

But for the rest of us, I’m giving you permission to slow it down. Enjoy learning something new. Everything will come in its own time.